“Carlyle’s Torch in the Dark is lyrical, poignant and riveting. Any library of American lives should include this one.”
— Priscilla Long, The Writer’s Portable Mentor

“Hadiyah pulls her life together in a Bellingham shipyard using a welding rod and a tough as nails attitude… No one has even come close to the depth and detail of the sixties that Carlyle reaches.”
— Jack Remick, The Deification and Blood

“In prose as hot as her welding torch, Hadiyah Carlyle transports the reader to a time early in the women’s movement that must never be forgotten. As one of the first female welders in the West Coast shipyards, Carlyle paved the way for women working in the trades today. You will applaud her strength in sharing this powerful story.”
— Arleen Williams, The Thirty-Ninth Victim

“It’s rare that I’m captivated by a writer’s style from the very first sentence, but that’s exactly what happened with “Torch in the Dark” by Hadiyah Joan Carlyle. Considering the life that this author has led, it’s amazing to me that she’s so eloquent in her delivery. The raw honesty, the rhythm, the pace …it’s all brilliant.  I can’t think of one negative thing to say about this book.”
— Amber Lea Easton, Riptide and Reckless Endangerment

Torch in the Dark … is a brilliant look at how one woman overcame the tremendous obstacles of a horribly traumatic childhood to become a single parent welder 3,000 miles from her native New Jersey to raise a son who would become a State Representative. The writing is concise and completely compelling. I read the last 150 pages in one sitting.”                                                          – Paul Nelson, A Time Before Slaughter


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