I Write Because

I write because it gives me a world;

because I know on Monday evening at 7:00 pm I have my writing group, and I will see women I like;

because writing gives me a framework for being in this world;

because, although I don’t think I am a writer, I do think I have a story to tell;

because I’ve spent way over ten years writing my memoir;

because writing my memoir has given me a way to make my story, my past, alive;

because maybe writing has given me some resolution with my life, my story;

because I really do think I have something to say that can contribute to the world, and I need a way to contribute to the world before I leave this earth, and I don’t have skills like sewing or painting or a lot of other things;

because I want to leave my legacy, although I am one small person in this world;

because I’ve been through so much, although at the time it just felt like my life;

because I’ve come out the other end from mental illness;

because through writing I’ve put down the severe trauma I went through before I could read or write;

because I could not consciously remember any of the trauma, but putting words down helped the details of the story unfold;

because I wouldn’t have believed it myself if my voice hadn’t come through the pen, through my hands;

because I wish I felt good enough about myself to call myself a writer;

because I would like to play with words, really play;

because I would like to write away those critical teachers who tried to stop me;

because maybe I can believe I am a writer, and, by keeping my hand moving, I can find my voice to just keep writing no matter what I say;

because I am still here in this world.


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